My dog Riley, apricot toy poodle with the silkiest coat you've ever felt and the courage of a lion.

We’re now on our second pair of toy poodles since we got our very first dog together in 1994.

Riley is the older of our two, born in 2009, and leaving us for his next assignment on October 16th, 2021. We miss him intensely. The pack just isn’t the same without him.

He did really well in training, passing six levels of obedience training, including a basic level of rally obedience.

As a senior dog, he was not quite so concerned about paying attention to any commands he heard, seemingly developing selective hearing 😀.

Kiwi is our other dog, born in 2012. She only did two levels of obedience, after which we gave up. She sits and her recall is pretty good, especially when food is available!

She discovered early on that being cute can get you a pass on some training assignments.